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– Welcome & Orientation Tour

– Temporary or longterm housing search

– school consultation

– Settling-In services

– Island formalities

– Import assistance

– car licensing
Services 1. Residential Rental

We will help you find the perfect place for yourself or your family. We will advise you on the best place to be on the island, in regards to your work place, your travel time between work and home. Or depending on the need of your family in regards to schooling needs, entertainment options and shopping facilities.

Services 2. Commercial Rental
Wether you are looking for a private, small office space or you want to relocate your whole work staff, we are happy to scout out your desired area of the island and present you with multiple solutions. Once you touch ground in the Bahamas, your business can move in and don’t worry about setting up the new office. We already have taken care of it.

Services 3. Buying Property

Wether you decide to buy a new second home or want to make the Bahamas your permanent adress, we are happy to assist you in finding your new dream spot. No matter if you want to live in the hustle and bustle of Nassau or are looking for a family retreat in the Family Islands around Nassau, we will help you to assess your needs and wishes, and advise you with the best projects and objects everywhere in the Bahamas. And we have have over 700 islands to choose from. So please, let us help you to make the right decision.